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Spanish women V.S. American women

Are you an American man or do you find differences among Spanish women and American women? Let's face it, Spain is different from the US. Most Americans don't approach. It is the women, tired of having to wait, to come to you saying: "Do we get to know each other?" In Spain the situation is different. We have those who whistle behind hot Spanish girls, good guys who compliment, give bouquets of flowers or offer drinks to cute Spanish babes, the timid ones who introduce themselves as friends ... in short, they all approach. These differences are dictated by the culture and society in which we live. Let us now analyze the differences between Spanish women and American women.

Comparing Spanish women with American women
Beautiful Spanish women

Before continuing I wanted to ask you a question. If you were a woman, would you choose to date someone like you? What is special about a Spanish beauty? The features you should develop are 12 here. If you happened to travel in Anglo-Saxon countries, you will certainly have noticed that Spain girls there are more uninhibited, more sociable, easier. It is interesting to note that American girls on vacation for a few weeks in Spain remain very "friendly", while if the stay lasts for several months they too begin to raise their defenses just like the Spanish ladies. Already as an adolescent every woman Spanish city is approached dozens of times a day. After a few years, he is able to label a boy as a loser or a potential partner simply by his way of walking, his attitude, how he dresses and how he moves. A 22-year-old beautiful girl in Spanish small town has now undergone all sorts of approaches, as soon as a new boy approaches her she is even able to foresee the moves and the jokes. A girl at the disco will immediately realize, by simply observing them, which guys are unlucky with the other sex and those who know how to do it. We have already talked about why being a good boy leads nowhere, the good guy is predictable and repetitive, all this is boring for girls and boredom kills attraction. The sixth feminine sense and their intuition are not peculiarities dictated by genetics but are actually the simple result of years of experience in interpersonal relationships.

Hot Spanish girls have rightly created defenses and know how to get rid of these trouble-makers immediately, Spanish women have to be approached differently. It is not possible to apply the American seduction method to the letter and then be surprised because some things do not work. USA, 2006, The Mystery Method was born: an innovation in the world of seduction, finally someone who transcribed the codes of attraction explaining them clearly. The Game by Style is a story full of practical examples of how to apply the theories of the Mystery method. So why write something new? Simple: both books were designed and written based on American culture, on the habits and characteristics of American women. Some concepts coincide with the Spanish dating sites and in this case the techniques work, sometimes not. The methods studied and created in societies different from ours, are for the most part inadequate to the Spanish reality. We have created this method, varying some points, eliminating what is not working and adding nuances created by us that work in Spain. Let's go back to the subject of behavioral differences between Spanish women and American women. If in Spain girls are more difficult to conquer, the reason also depends on US men (it is already our fault!) That instead of trying to improve our attitude towards the other sex, we tend to become insistent or try to try all of them. Don't you think it's better to try to learn a new method and improve yourself day by day so that you can conquer the cute Spanish girls you want and eventually have huge success abroad?


Spanish women like first and foremost compatriots, then Spaniards and Brazilians. But also foreign tourists suffer the Spanish ladies’ charm.

The fascination of Spanish beauty still conquers. Especially in the summer. According to a survey by the Momondo travel search platform, 24,700 people interviewed, this year the Spanish women have not denied. We are considered the most beautiful, ranked first out of 23 countries involved. Beating even the beautiful Spanish women, who however place themselves in second place.

Spanish beauty cannot be overcome: Spanish and foreigners say it

It will be attention to fashion and physical appearance, or to the sunny and friendly attitude that sets us apart in every situation. The fact is that we are Spanish, in fact, the first admirers of our Spanish women. In other words, your wife and oxen. In fact, 34% admit to being attracted even during the holidays, recognizing us an extra gear.

But what do foreigners think of Spanish beauty?

It is the Austrians who take the place of leading foreign admirers of the Spanishs, with 30% of preferences. In second place were the Swiss, with 27%. In third place the English: 20% of them are more attracted to cute Spanish girls.

Yet the registry status changes the cards on the table. Younger boys, between 18 and 22, love American babes, placing them in second place with 26% of preferences. Following the Spain girls, who get 21% of favorable opinions. But even for them no doubt, the best are the compatriots, who remain the most admired by as many as 34% of the very young.

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