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What’s special about Spanish women?

An extensive survey has revealed that most men around the world especially in America and Europe would like to be dating a Spanish girl. What’s so special about Spanish women that makes them so appealing?

A beautiful lady in spanish city
Spanish women


Perhaps the uniqueness of Spanish women is a bit of everything: gene mix, the climate, the sunshine, the natural Spanish food... and, also as many men can see, a very peculiar mixture of innocent shyness with sensuality, that makes Spanish ladies irresistible. They also vary in appearance according to regions, as the general Spanish public does: the Basques tend to be as light-skinned, while Andalucia could be southern Italy. This reflects the differing genetic heritage of pretty Spanish girls throughout Spain.

What is a typical Spanish beauty like to you? Sun-kissed skin, slender but athletic body, gorgeous hair, dark brown shining eyes, chic but not overly skin-exposed dress., bright smile.

Spanish women are very feminine, the way they dress and behave. Hot Spanish girls are not aggressive, they are more like delicate but lively followers blossom.

Spanish women dress feminine and for the most part have fantastic bodies and gorgeous hair.

Girls in Spanish culture are taught to take good care of themselves. They tend to age well though, probably because all their walking keeps them in shape, and their taste for dress and make up are better than women in other countries. Madrid and Barcelona are very diverse, attracting immigration from other parts of Spain as well as (since the 80's) around the world.


Spanish have a fiery temperament, which means they say what they think and express their emotions much more easily than some frosty northern Europeans and Americans. If you’re looking for something with passion, then dating a Spanish girl is the way to go.

Spanish ladies are spontaneous, they can easily change their minds or plans, not really constant and therefore unpredictable. Spanish women are independent and in some occasions reluctant to collective ideas or propositions. They only agree if they are convinced ourselves. In the way Spanish ladies communicate, they are unpredictable and spontaneous.


Is it hard to believe that Spain girls are not as active as you think? When you see the athletic and gorgeous figures they managed to maintain, you would probably guess that cute Spanish girls are super active and hit the gym. In fact, when I was in Spain, I barely saw any Spanish girls running on street. This doesn’t mean that Spanish babes don’t watch football game even though they are not sports-lover.

Hot Spanish women are artistic mostly. Maybe that’s in their gene. Painting, play piano, going to galleries are the top hobbies of beautiful woman in Spanish.


Part of it, I found out much to late, is that what we'd call "dating" in the U.S. is more associated with engaged or expected-to-be-engaged couples. At least, that's how it was explained to me after meeting my girlfriend's father, who assumed I was asking him to be my father-in-law.

Family value

Spanish have very strong family value. To them, family comes first. If you are dating a Spanish girl, you'd better hope that her families like you too. Because the family members are connected in a typical Spanish family. The parents are much more involved in the dating life of their daughters --- hot Spanish girls are not easy to date.

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